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Course Overview

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) offers world-wide recognized qualifications covering health and safety and risk management. The NEBOSH Certificate is widely seen as the first step towards a career in health and safety. As well as providing a platform for higher level qualifications.

NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) provides fundamental knowledge on workplace safety and health. NEBOSH trains you to detect and manage health risks and dangers, and enables them to apply the practical knowledge in real time situation.

Who can do NEBOSH…?

NEBOSH is for those who want to shape their career in Industrial Health Safety. NEBOSH qualifications to manage workplace hazards and related health risks. Choosing a NEBOSH requires one to understand how the chosen course could benefit and add value to you moreover; the industry of interest should be kept in mind while picking a course. To do NEBOSH the basic things that are required that is learners need to have a minimum standard of English for all NEBOSH courses. You must be able to understand and communicate the concepts in the course content and take assessments comprising exams and a short report. Dependent on the course you take. Becoming NEBOSH certified will help you anchor your position in the company you are already working in, allowing you to apply for that promotion, or even look to move companies / industry.

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What you’ll learn in this course:

NEBOSH qualifications gives an awareness and solid understanding of what is expected of you as a health and safety expert allowing you to meet the changing demands within health and safety, and allow you to expert and develop those around you . Being a NEBOSH certified makes you more competitive in the marketplace. Commitment to health & safety means a qualified professional can help the company achieve and maintain proper Industrial Safety norms as per the requirement standards.

How to Study NEBOSH IGC…?

Clearing NEBOSH IGC Exam in the first attempt is not very difficult, all you need is to focus on the subject and do your best to learn all the things related to the subject matter. As with any qualification, the biggest challenge you’ll face will be time. The NEBOSH General Certificate requires a total of planned schedule hours of study and practice all possible question can be put in the exam paper on the day of exam, focus the training classes during the trained professionals providing. This may seem like hard work now, but it’ll all be worth it when you receive that NEBOSH certificate.

How long does it take’s…?

Most people thinking about taking a qualification want to know 2 things: how much will it cost me? How long will it take me? One of the many advantages of the NEBOSH General Certificate is its flexibility. Being able to take the course online or in a classroom means you can spend as much or as little time as you need to complete the course. The NEBOSH General Certificate requires a total of 80-120 hours of study. This is broken down into ‘classroom hours’ and ‘self-study hours’.

Classroom hours

  • Classroom training hours are the time you spend on your core learning either through an online course or in a classroom. The NEBOSH General Certificate has a total of HOW WE LEARN IT.
  • Online courses offer the most flexibility. You’ll have all the materials you need for your core learning hours, but when and how long you study for is up to you.
  • Ideally you should factor in time to study every day, including weekends. If you can’t then it may take you longer to complete the course and feel confident to sit your exams. Most course providers will put a limit on how long you have access to your online course and support for so always check this before you start.

Self-study hours

  • As with any qualification, you’ll be expected to dedicate a certain amount of time to your own research. You’re recommended to spend approximately ALL YOUR FREE TIME. This can be anything from reading journals and websites, to attending party, completing homework and watching videos.
  • Additional resources like interactive activities, past exam questions and links to relevant research are all included within your online course, so you’ll have everything you need to complete your self-study hours in one place.

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