"I was new  to an Home Tutoring Services Provider, for my son. I have tried many locally available tutors and I was not happy and then we came to know about ALIS ACADEMY & his Maths and English improved a lot because lessons are taught by experienced tutors who make tutoring interesting and  fun. My Son is more confident and I see how it is really helping him. I would definitely recommend www.alisacademy.in"

Goapalakrishnan, BHEL, Bhopal
"When my parents signed me up to take lessons  from a tutors sent by "ALI'S ACADEMY" in order to prepare for XII, CBSE, I was a little skeptical if Home tutoring would be beneficial.  But after the first lesson, I learned a great deal with the help of my tutor, who had vast knowledge of the topics, but was  very patient . I now feel confident to tackle and score good in finals. I would recommend their services"

Divya Chatterjeee, DPS, Bhopal
"I am really happy with the tutoring service and it had helped me a lot in getting good grades I would recommend their services"

Rahul, St Joseph Co-ed, Bhopal
Ali's Academy not just No.1 in Home Teaching Professionals Only:

Since 10 years, Ali's Academy has taken 1000's  of degraded students under its guidance, resulting into record breaking improvements on both academic & psychological aspects.
Child Problems
Lack of concentration:

One amongst the most common factor in students and we have a lot of reasons to it for this up coming 4G generation. In Common Conditions its due to (ADHD) Attention Deflicit Hyperactivity Disorder makes it hard to concentrate and focus.

Bipolar Disorder causes extreme mood swings between Depression & mania / Sleep Deprivation / Schizophrenia is a serious, chronic mental illness that cause delusional or hallucinogenic thoughts.

Weak memory or slow learning problems are normal in student's life. Not even children (students) even we adults & professionals face this problem in our day to day life.

Fear (Phobia) of Studies:

Any Particular subject, School environment conclusively a socially bourn anxiety disorders. Under a lot of stress and over anxious about studies. Students need professional counselling guidance by trained & skilled counselers / psychologists.

Examination Phobia:

Through Analytical Surveys & research its been claimed that 90 out of 100 students have examination phobia or related pscho-somatic problems. The research reveals that examination phobia is caused by different personal, parental & teacher related factors. Nervousness, poor preparation, fear of parents & teachers, punishment,  admission in desired institution, tough competition, parent's social & teacher's institutional discouragement.


A state of low mood and aversion affecting child's thoughts. behaviour. feelings & followed by hopelessness, helpless, guilty, frequent angry outbursts, regret, hung-up on past failures, resulting in having problems in concentration, remembering making decisions, may contemplate, insomnia, etc. from the childhood itself one should learn to overcome and students in present scenario should be professionally handled & advised.

Stream Confusions:

Normally Children get confused in selecting the right stream / subjects /path, after their high schools, ending up no where, while blaming others. Scenario is that sometimes students select subjects due to parental and social pressure or sometimes just because what their have friends have selected. One should go through serious selection process, analysing assess one's own potential but professional guidance could lead to the best way.
Ali's Academy not just No.1 in Home Teaching Professionals Only:

Since 10 years, Ali's Academy has taken 1000's  of degraded students under its guidance, resulting into record breaking improvements on both academic & psychological aspects.

1128 Rank Holders
1834 Distinction Holders
231 Competitive Selections

A unique system with all academic & phychological guidance for your child at your place (at your home itself) in-front of your eyes. A system which gives individual guidance to your child. So what are you waiting for... lets get started..

Attention + Perception
Learning Style
Stress Level
Confidence Level
Energy Level
Concentration Status

We Enhance:
Memory Enhancement
Interest Enhancement
Mind & Heart Relation

Psychological Counseling

Which is designed to assess the person ability to perceive, identify, recognize, and work with emotional interest.
Reducing forgetting level / Confusion level and enhancing your capacity to memorize.
Might be your learning style defeats you to achieve youal goal-achieve it here

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